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Transcending Stories to Screen

The Xrossing

Rob Walker – For Freedom

Jonny Taylor – Young Man

Sisters Doll – Welcome to the Dollhouse


Playtime Motion Pictures has a diverse range of experience in short and feature film production. From pre-production, production to post – we plan, cast, film and edit. Depending on the size of your production, we collaborate with other industry professionals to refine and perfect your product.


Playtime Motion Pictures offer a range of production services throughout Western Australia. Our creative and passionate team will write, film, edit and complete post production for your concept. Media forms include music video production, short films, documentary drama, corporate events, adverts and feature film.

Development Services

We offer a range of development services, including script writing, personal actor training, mentoring and creative development.
We will help extend your ideas and expand your skills, working towards a particular goal or project. If we are not suited, we will support you in finding the best company for your project.

Music for Film

Playtime Motion Pictures create original music for a variety of media forms. We compose for short film, documentary, feature film and theatre productions in a range of genres. Rather than using stock music, we create original soundscapes and music designs that are scored specifically to your project

Our Executive Team


Steven J. Mihaljevich

Steven J Mihaljevich is a director, actor, editor, acting teacher, writer and media content producer.

Steven J. Mihaljevich studied at WAAPA and Edith Cowan university in 2005 and has been directing media content and theatre for over 15 years. With a large resume in directing award winning music videos for both local and international artists, he has directed video’s for artists such as Sisters Doll, Chelsea Basham, Jonny Taylor, Big Prodeje, Machine Gun Preacher and many more. In 2010 he created and directed comedy web series “Search for the Deadliest Rockstar” and “What Women Want.” Still more interested in comedy content but switching audiences, Steven created the original Musical “Lenny” taking on role of artistic and musical director. Steven deviated again, creating and directing award winning short psychological horror drama “Widow,” before focusing his attention to feature films. With a strong background and influence with music, acting, teaching and editing, Steven writes and directs his first feature film: “The Xrossing.”
Steven’s roles include directing, acting, editing, music composition, scriptwriting and acting coach.

Carl Maiorana

Carl Mairorana has been working in the finance industry since 2006 and has built and managed Bespoke Finance Group since 2012.

In 2019 he was nominated for the Business News 40 Under 40 awards for his achievements in the industry.

Carl brings the necessary business acumen needed for raising funds as well as efficient production management. Carl has also been a scriptwriter for several years and has written numerous short films. His latest project has been producer and writer for the WA feature film, The Xrossing.



PolleyVision (Helena Polley) has worked in the creative arts industry for several years as both associate producer and production designer across both film and advertising.

Her credits include production design for the award-winning short horror film, "Widow," as well as music video production "Why" (CSAY) Her latest credit includes production designer and associate producer on the award-winning WA feature film, "The Xrossing."

The Xrossing

Rob Walker – For Freedom

Jonny Taylor – Young Man

Sisters Doll – Welcome to the Dollhouse

Csay – Why

Lenny the Musical


Hailmary – Yellow Light of Death