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Playtime Motion Pictures

Our focus is to share moving & authentic stories, presented & created with unique style.

Playtime Motion Pictures is a Western Australian production company committed to creating dynamic screen content that connects and engages with local and international audiences. Our focus is crafting genuine storytelling with stylistic and unique approaches. We value innovative creativity with purposeful & imaginative process work when constructing any film project. We believe that technology is not the leading focus when producing narrative film; rather we try to create an organic, performance based approach in our quest to create honest and truthful imitations of life. Members of our production team bring numerous screen and stage acting principles to the projects, deriving from education – based backgrounds. We hope that the importance we hold on truthful performance work translates into rich authenticity.

In 2017, Playtime produced the award-winning festival film, Widow, a psychological drama horror under the Direction of Steven J. Mihaljevich. In 2018, pre-production began for the WA feature film The Xrossing, a coming of age thriller/drama, starring Kelton Pell. Thus far in 2020, The Xrossing has won multiple international awards, including best feature film at the London Independent Film Awards, with its cinematic debut set for January 2021. Our creative team at Playtime Motion Pictures are thrilled with the films progress and are busy working on future features.